CHAKAD is a group of us "Iranian architects" who have worked in various fields of design, especially architecture. We have known each other since 2003, when we started studying architecture. Our cooperation was created in university projects and over time was developed to bigger projects which had defined out of university. Finally, in 2011, we founded a studio named Chakad, and started working formally. Since then, we have designed various buildings which some of them were presented "here".

Members of Chakad are:

Alborz Amiri

MA of Arch, from UT

Farshad Sa‘dollahi

MA of Arch, from QIAU

Homayoun Najaei

MA of Arch, from UT

Sina Najafi

MA of Arch, from UT

اعضای چکاد

In Farsi chakad means climax. In Iranian architecture chakad is called to distance between crest of arch and eaves.